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Games supported in beta release

RemoteMyApp has been tested so far with the following PC games on Android tablet. Let us know if your are playing some other games with RemoteMyApp.

Graphic-intensive games

Smooth streaming high resolution games and HD videos straight to your tablet or any other device. Play graphic-intensive games with gestures optimized for your iPad or Android device screen.

Your games library

Play Windows, Linux, Mac or even Flash games on your mobile device. You don't have to buy a new licenses, you can play titles you have already bought for your PC.

Screen as controller

Many games needs special keyboard keys combinations - with on-screen shortcuts you can use predefined profiles for popuplar games, media players, browsing and more, or create your own profiles.

RemoteMyApp offers you more


Application that streams smooth, high-resolution video and audio from your PC, Linux Mac, allowing you to play games on your tablet or smartphone. Play your computer games library on any other device, from anywhere, with secure wirelless access.


View and edit documents in any of your computer applications anywhere and anytime with secure wireless access. Give awesome presentations using your mobile device to control, draw or highlight slides.


You can boost productivity by providing anytime, anywhere access to all the business-critical apps and data your team needs. Turns an Android or iPad tablet into a wireless second display for your computer to enhance productivity.

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