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RemoteMyApp featured in Newzoo’s Global Cloud Gaming Report Update

We are really happy that the subscribers of the leading games’ market data company will learn more about RemoteMyApp in the March 2021 Update of the Global Cloud Gaming Report.

Founded in 2007, Newzoo guarantees impeccable data expertise on the global games market. Any gaming industry professional certainly knows it and cites its figures and insights on a regular basis. Strategic and financial decisions can be made with the help of Newzoo’s high-end consumer research, market analysis, and consulting.

The long-awaited March Update of Newzoo’s yearly Global Cloud Gaming Report is special for RemoteMyApp (RMA), as there will be a section dedicated exclusively to our company. Guilherme Fernandes, Market Consultant at Newzoo, explains why RMA has been selected to be included in the report’s update:

“We decided to feature RemoteMyApp in Newzoo’s March 2021 Update of its Global Cloud Gaming Report so that our subscribers can learn more about the partnership between RemoteMyApp and Deutsche Telekom and also how RMA articulates both its B2C and B2B offerings to mutually benefit each other."

Our CEO, Andreas Hestbeck, who always highlights that gaming is in his DNA, answered many questions. The topics covered RMA’s roots, the company’s current B2B and B2B2C oriented activities, and plans for the nearest future. The importance of the hardware and infrastructure needed for cloud gaming as well as the impact of the COVID-19 on the industry were also discussed.

“We are really happy to get featured in Newzoo’s Global Cloud Gaming Report Update. The subscribers of this games market data provider will learn more about RMA, our B2B cloud gaming and content aggregation service, the big success of DT’s Magenta Gaming, and our B2B2C product,, attracting direct carrier billing providers, thanks to our recent deal with PM Connect”, says Andreas Hestbeck, summing up the interview.

RemoteMyApp loves the fact that we can have our well-deserved share in fueling the skyrocketing cloud gaming buzz, thanks to this exclusive feature from the well-known supplier of games market data. We look forward to many more gaming reports in the future!


About Newzoo

Newzoo is the world’s leading provider of games and esports data and insights. With over a decade of market expertise, Newzoo is proud to help some of the most successful entertainment, technology, and media companies around the world, such as EA, Bloomberg, PepsiCo, Vodafone, target their audience, track competitors, increase brand awareness, spot opportunities, and make strategic and financial decisions. Newzoo’s product portfolio includes the Global Games Market Report and Global Esports & Live Streaming Market Report, proprietary Consumer Insights profiling consumer behavior and preferences in 33 key markets across the globe, Newzoo Pro, Expert, and Consulting.

About RemoteMyApp

RemoteMyApp is a B2B cloud gaming solution provider for businesses worldwide. Our mission is to bring a quality game experience to players anywhere via low-latency streaming by providing seamless gaming on any device. The company offers its streaming technology and gaming content to global enterprises, like telecommunications companies and device manufacturers, allowing them to provide a state-of-the-art, fully-customized cloud gaming platform to their own customers. MagentaGaming, Deutsche Telekom’s new cloud gaming platform delivered by RemoteMyApp has been rated above GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, or Microsoft xCloud in testing by


Kamila Okulska, Head of Content

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