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RemoteMyApp partners with PM Connect in platform expansion

RemoteMyApp is happy to announce a brand new partnership with an award-winning mobile content and payment specialist - PM Connect.

Thanks to this exciting alliance, RemoteMyApp’s B2C product,, which has reached over 10 million installations across different platforms, will become available to the end-users of PM Connect’s telco partners: Orange and Vodafone. Millions of gamers in France, Belgium, Spain and South Africa will be able to play games such as Fortnite, GTA5 and League of Legends on mobile. Once purchased via their mobile phone, subscribers will be able to download and use the Vortex app on all of their connected devices - including tablets, TVs and desktops. The app is compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS.

We are looking forward to seeing how partnering with PM Connect empowers RemoteMyApp and Vortex’ exposure to these markets. Diversifying our offer by providing a variety of cloud gaming solutions strengthens our position in the cloud gaming sector and ultimately, leads us to becoming the key player in the market.

Our CEO, Andreas Hestbeck, said:

“It is my great pleasure to finally be able to talk about our cooperation with PM Connect. In RemoteMyApp, we understand how crucial it is to work with strong and recognized partners to bring cloud gaming closer to players worldwide.

RMA has shifted its focus toward B2B because we see business partnerships as the fastest and the best way to popularize our cloud gaming solution. The latest partner release with MagentaGaming has shown us that players and experts appreciate our efforts.

The cooperation with PM Connect will be the first B2B2C partnership for our product,, and we look forward to seeing the effects of the joint actions. Having such a great partner makes it possible for to reach a bigger audience and provide the end-users with a seamless purchase experience (through direct carrier billing technology). It is no secret that the cloud gaming market is skyrocketing, and we are excited to bring RemoteMyApp’s cloud gaming technology into the hands of thousands of new players in the years to come.”

Christopher Purdie, CEO at PM Connect:

“Cloud gaming has a massive future. Our partnership with RemoteMyApp gives consumers the biggest streamed games on the market at a fair price - making them accessible to anyone who has a mobile. The democratization of world-class gaming experiences is something PM Connect is proud to facilitate and we are excited to progress the partnership in further global markets. The time is now to get on board.”


About PM Connect

PM Connect is an award-winning provider of in-demand mobile content, monetised through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). Founded in 2012, the firm now processes over 10 million payments per month, reaching 680 million consumers across the world.

Through over 70 mobile carrier relationships worldwide, PM Connect’s DCB solutions allow mobile users to purchase and instantly access lifestyle and sport content, tickets and major OTT services, with charges placed on their phone bill.

About RemoteMyApp

RemoteMyApp is a B2B cloud gaming solution provider for businesses worldwide. Our mission is to bring a quality game experience to players anywhere via low-latency streaming by providing seamless gaming on any device. The company offers its streaming technology and gaming content to global enterprises, like telecommunications companies and device manufacturers, allowing them to provide a state-of-the-art, fully-customized cloud gaming platform to their own customers. MagentaGaming, Deutsche Telekom’s new cloud gaming platform delivered by RemoteMyApp has been rated above GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, or Microsoft xCloud in testing by


Kamila Okulska, Head of Content

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